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Maintenance and

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Periodic Testing

All electrical installations and electrical equipment will tend to deteriorate over time due to accidental or deliberate damage, corrosion, electrical overloading and from environmental factors. It is important, therefore, that the installation can be maintained without undue difficulty and kept in a safe condition throughout its life.

The likely requirements for future maintenance should be assessed in the early stages of the electrical installation design, and taken into account in the design.

This topic discusses the requirements for the maintainability of an electrical installation and includes the requirements and selective guidance for its periodic maintenance. The topic does not, however, cover periodic inspection and testing of an electrical installation.

This section includes details on the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Requirements for maintainability
  3. Selection and erection in relation to maintainability, including cleaning
  4. Periodic maintenance
    1. Records of maintenance
    2. Operation and Maintenance (O & M) manual
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